Surrey Muse Writers – To the Next Level


Surrey Muse Writers was begun in July 2016 to determine if there was need for a drop-in critique group for writers. After seven bi-weekly meetings, it is clear that there is need, and Surrey Muse Writers will continue as an ongoing program soon.

We have had seven out of the eleven scheduled meetings. The meeting on Oct 8 was cancelled for people being away over the long weekend, and, the next three meetings are cancelled now to allow our volunteers some time off before organizing to take the group to the next level.

In the last three months, Surrey Muse Writers has ‘surfaced’ a couple of promising young writers, and it has allowed sharing of creative work among peers and learning from the experience and knowledge of Resource Persons. The discussions that ensued were direct, intimate, close-up; criticism was given and taken with grace.

Compliments to Resource Persons Jennifer Manuel, Toni Levi, Manolis, Larry Nicholson, Kevin Spenst and Judy MacInnes for their generous sharing of time, skills and ideas.

Apologies from Heidi Greco, Jónína Kirton, Alan Girling, and Virginia Gillespie for the inconvenience of re-scheduling for Spring.

Special thanks to Malik Mohammad for his inspiring poetic presentations and presence, and to Parabjot Kaur and Hilda for glimpses of their short fiction. Thanks to Helga Parekh and Sonja Grgar for making it happen, to all who participated in its meetings, and to all who supported it.

Be back in Spring at a different venue.

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